DUE DILIGENCE: Athena combines its deep knowledge of cyber technologies and Due diligence to help clients navigate the risks of acquisitions in the world of cyber or technology.  We carry out reputational risk assessments on key management to ensure that there are no issues that haven’t been declared to investors. We also augment your financial due-diligence by seeking discreet insights from current and former employees to notify us of undeclared financial irregularity.

ASSET TRACING: We identify assets and prove their ownership and value, taking into account both jurisdictional enforcement and hidden ownership. We are globally positioned to trace funds,
beneficial ownership and tangible assets.  Our capacity to obtain non public information is unparalleled and we approach all our cases with a legally audacious mindset, ensuring that all the information we provide you is fully disclosable in case of litigation.

INVESTIGATIONS: Athena Intelligence investigates potential fraud, insider trading, money-laundering, conflicts of interests and any other type of financial misconduct in the financial world. Again, we sit at the crossroad of technology and finance in order to provide you with the added value information.

CRYPTO INVESTIGATION AND AUDIT: We conduct due diligence on cryptocurrency and ICO project with a view of detecting early fraud and rug-pull risks. We assist you in the recovery of stolen crypto assets and cryptocurrencies.

CYBERSECURITY: We assess the IT Infrastructure of your firm, by highlighting potential entry paths that malicious attackers would take. We secure, educate and defend your online activities. We crawl the deep and the dark web on your behalf, unearthing unprecedented data. We provide red-teaming services and can offer a recurring offensive capability to test your network. 

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: Athena Intelligence assists you while you are under attack. We provide strategical advice, media and cyber solutions together with tailored investigative services to protect your reputation, your assets and your operations. 

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: With our legal and technological approaches, we are able to protect your online reputation from defamatory articles, blog posts and social media posts.